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DJG provides comprehensive insurance claims solutions All across the US.                                                                                                           

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DJG is your trusted investigative partner whose committed to help Uncover the truth to Fairly resolve insurance claims with commitment and integrity.

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Insurance & Corporate Investigations

Solutions by DJG Investigative Services

DJG Investigative Services has been providing comprehensive investigative Services to insurance companies, government agencies and corporations for over 20 years


DJG provides insurance companies, third party admistrators and self insured companies with comprehensive investigative solutions to mitigate there losses on insurance claims

Corporate Investigations

DJG offers solutions to business both large and small with services such as FMLA abuse investigation, hostile termination assistance, undercover investigations and other global security services.

National SIU Vendor Management

DJG has developed an integrated national contract SIU and vendor management program. Our program covers all aspects from state compliance to annual fraud training. This is coupled with real time 24/7 online case management and outcome reporting

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Online Investigations

S1E1 | Online research:
your risk, your reward

Work Comp News and Press

Take a self-guided tour of Silo for Research

OSINT Dark Web Investigations

3 best practices when accessing the dark web for investigations

Online Investigations
Work Comp News and Press
OSINT Dark Web Investigations

Online Investigations

Learn more about how online investigations are conducted and tools used.

Work Comp News and Press

See the end results of how surveillance can be A benefit in investigating work comp claims.

OSINT Dark Web Investigations

See how ICE investigators exposed dark websites and  What really goes on in the dark web.